Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a mediation session last? 

The number of mediation sessions needed to reach an agreement depends on the complexity and number of issues that need to be resolved. 

Sessions are typically scheduled in 4-hour increments and may occur over multiple, consecutive weeks. 

Can my lawyer be present? 

Yes. Attorneys are always welcome to participate in the mediation process with their clients. 

How is a final agreement made?

Mediations that require a single session: 


At the end of the mediation session, I will provide you with a detailed final agreement. This may be provided at the time of the session or within 1 business day depending on the circumstances. 


Mediations that require multiple sessions: 


At the end of each mediation session, a preliminary agreement will be created. This will serve as a rough draft to capture the agreements that have been made up to that point.

Each new session will begin with a review of what has been previously agreed upon, and new agreements will be added. At the end of the mediation sessions, a full agreement, also called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), will be created and provided to both parties within 1 business day..


For separation or divorce agreements,, parties are encouraged to review the agreement with an attorney to then be filed with the court as a Separation Agreement or Divorce Settlement. 

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