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General Civil Mediation

I've been asked several times lately if I could help people work out a dispute that isn't family related and one that hasn'tbeen filed with the courts. The answer is YES. 

While the majority of civil cases that I see have been mandated to mediation by a judge, parties can certainly access mediation services on their own. As a registered General Civil Mediator, I can help parties who find themselves stuck in the middle of a dispute in which they don't intend to file a claim with the courts, haven't gotten to the point of filing a claim or have filed a claim and have a court date in the future. 

For example,  two business partners might find themselves at a crossroads when one partner wants to expand their business services and the other does not. The conflict threatens their current business agreement. By seeking mediation services, the business partners can participate in a constructive conversation that will (hopefully) lead to a mutually agreeable resolution.

As a mediator, I am trained to facilitate a conversation and ask the right questions, at the right time, to get both parties to:

think about their own positions

hear the other side(s) of the issue at hand

ultimately move forward with a mutually agreeable resolution 

Mediation is an effective alternative model to dispute resolution and can be used to settle disputes in a way that is equitable for both parties. 

If you are in the middle of a dispute and have questions about how mediation can help you, please contact me. 

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